How to Schedule downloads on your Android

Hey Guys, in this post I will tell you about how can you Schedule Downloads on Android devices. Once we have switched our interest in Android, it is almost impossible to get along with PC or A Laptop. The reason being the fact that you could everything plus some other functions on your Android, which a PC or Laptop fails to do. After all that’s why Android have such a huge demand. Moreover, having a lot of features under its belt, you can not say that you know it all. There are some tiny features hidden in the dark. Now, we are about to unveil a hidden feature which you could use. So, what is download scheduling? Well let us just go through an example to make things clear.

Assume that you have a LAN or WiFi connection which has unlimited data plan, and you have a post paid data connection on your phone. And while surfing you came across a game or video or music(or something that captured your interest). Since you are outside and can’t trust the post paid data connection as they charge you extra money for additional data used. So what are you gonna do? It will take you around three to four hours to reach home and you might as well forget the whole thing. One thing to do is bookmark the page. However, it is not compulsory for you to download it once you reach home because you might be lazy and take a nap.

The only way out from this is Scheduling the download for a later time. We where also posted about some other apps like GBWhatsAppYoWhatsApp. Download scheduling is more like scheduling your time table for exams. Your save important topics for the last day so that you won’t forget them. So, I hope you got a clear cut idea on what download scheduling is. Moving on to the important part that is, how to schedule your downloads on Android. Since this is an easy and simple task, expect for an easy algorithm for the process. Let’s go through the bunch of things you need to do this.

Requirements for Schedule Downloads on Android

  • An Android Phone:- Preferably the one that has better and up to date software. It may be out of topic, but do regular software updates once you are notified since updated software give you better security and performance.
  • Google Playstore:- Well, as far as I’m concerned, I hope this might not be a big surprise for you. The holy place for downloading apps, Playstore is by far the best place to find legit apps to use. This time around it is not at all different, as we will download Advanced Download Manager from Playstore alone. Downloading the app from an external browser is not at all safe as the site might copy some of the malicious content onto your device upon entering an external tab.
  • Advanced Download Manager:- If you guessed that this is the Application​ that we are about discuss, then you are absolutely 100% correct. And if you couldn’t, then you might wanna put more concentration on your reading. Anyways, Advanced Download Manager or simply ADM is probably the best application to use for scheduling your downloads, which you will learn towards the end of this article. Once you have followed everything correctly you will make no mistake in scheduling your downloads.

That’s it. Those are the things you need. Let me just cut the chase and get straight into the topic. For scheduling a download, follow the steps provided below.

How to Schedule Downloads on Android

Step I: Download Advanced Download Manager(or simply ADM)

Well, first things first, open your Playstore and search for “Advanced Download Manager” on the search bar. Select the first result among the gathered results. Download the app(no, you can’t schedule while downloading. Wait till the file gets downloaded, we are about to schedule every single download once ADM has finished downloading) – Download ADM

StepII: Install and Open the App

Since this is a step by step tutorial, I’m including that easy task. Once you have installed the app open it and take a tour around.

Step III: Getting into Downloads

Once you have taken a tour around ADM, you will notice a “+” sign on top of the app. That is where the fun part begins. The plus sign is where you initiate a Download. Tap the icon and add a download of your choice.

Step IV: Schedule the selected download

Yes! Finally we have arrived at the place where you are about to schedule your download. How cool is that. Now that you have added a download and it is in the download bar, next thing you have to do is to select the selected file(I mean select the file that you selected for download. Wait forget it. Select the file that you want to download. Better?) and look for a pause option, as simple as it gets.

Step V: Set the schedule.

Actually this is where the fun part begins. Once you have explored enough of the app, you will notice that you get to see a lot of options on the settings bar. Don’t get confused. Its usual. Settings are made to confuse and make you wonder what is going on. So don’t worry we have got you covered.

Go to Settings, and while you are it, select “Planning”. Tap on “Download Files” and finalise the settings by opting a desirable Start time and Stop time. Now you are done and you are free to go.

Wrapping Up

Advanced Download Manager (ADM) is just one among the applications that does the job. However, Advanced Download Manager is the best there is among the other apps. The reason being ease of use and user-friendly software. As far as I’m concerned, advanced download manager is the best app to opt for to schedule your downloads. This is a beautiful piece of technology especially if you are in need of something to track and organise your downloads. So, next time around don’t end up paying a lot of money for something you accidentally did. Charging surplus amount for additional data usage has been a heavenly act for the service providers. So trick them from charging you by using Advanced Download Manager.

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