Fix Mobile Network Not Available Errors In Any Android Phone

No matter which GSM Operator you own, signal dropping or no service or even mobile network not available are the most annoying things. These issues are quite common among the Android phones, there are plenty of reasons that causes these type of errors often.

Obviously, it pop-ups when your signal strength is low, when you are in roaming, if you are out of coverage, etc Even though you have enough signal reception still unable to register the network, then you are on the right page continue reading. We have curated some working methods to get rid of this error, also we have few culprits list that might rise these kinda  problems

Let’s see some of the easiest ways to fix mobile network not available errors on Android phones that too without root access. Let’s dive in!

Easiest Ways To Fix Mobile Not Network Available Errors in 2017

1. Re-Insert SIM Card

It would be the generic way to get rid of this, sometimes your phone wouldn’t recognize the carrier & the network. Even sometimes the improper seating causes unavailability of the network, reinserting the SIM cards is the go-to solution!

Do As Directed,

  • First, switch off the mobile phone.
  • Take the battery out.
  • Remove sim cards from the phone.
  • Wait for a while a couple of minutes.
  • Reinsert the sim cards and boot up the device.

If everything moves as expected, your error should be no more now. If this isn’t working for you, then move with next method that might fix mobile not available error on your device.

2. Automate Network Selection

If the networks are registered manually, if the allocated network is down it leads to some no network or signal errors. Better you set the network selection to the automatic so that even if you move, your network is registered accordingly.

To do that,

  • Go to Settings. 
  • Under the data usage, click more options.
  • Tap mobile networks.
  • Choose the preferred SIM.
  • Tap Automatic option.

That’s it, this options might vary depending on the Android OS you have & the brand skin on top of that, for most of the times it matches above.

3. Solve Searching For Network Errors

If the SIM was not correctly placed in the slot, one more error emerges in. The SIM card would be recognized by the phone, but network won’t permit the SIM to register.

To do That:

  • Switch off and remove battery.
  • Take the sim out and put battery back.
  • Insert sim into the slot.
  • Enter the battery and switch on the phone.

If Still the problems wasn’t solved, you could try these additional methods to get rid of this error.

4. Update Device

You need to update your android phone regularly, even the outdated mobile phone’s firmware could be the culprit, better you update it to get yourself not to land of this stuff. Updating your smartphone not only make your android phone run faster.

To Update Your Smartphone:

  • Go to settings on the device.
  • Scroll down and click about device.
  • Tap software update.
  • Check for update.
  • If the updates available, just update it.

It automatically downloads the update if it found, it is the traditional way to keep your android phone safe.

5. Factory Reset

Android smartphones are beast devices, and you need to audit completely your device and fix the flaws to get it run in top condition. Among them, factory resetting Android phone can help you to a great extent, even it can help you to fix all the fundamental cellular network errors.

But you need to backup your Android device completely before you trying to perform any reset. If you do so, your personal data may be ruined which you can’t recover back. Go to the post on how to reset the Android phone to factory settings to make it brand new.

6. Boost Network Strength

There were many of the mobile network booster apps are in the market, we found some are useful which got mentioned below.

This mobile network not available error is mostly encountered in Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5, Trend series smartphone, Moto E, Moto Z Play series, ZTE blade, Huawei Y3, Nexus & Other brands. Make sure you follow this tutorial to fix it.

Have You Fixed mobile network not available Error?

Working with the error free smartphone would be the everyone’s wish, but thinking so couldn’t help you much. You need to incorporate certain things to make it seamless. Among them, these tricks to fix mobile network not available error would be an feasible option.

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