7 Best Compass Apps For Android To Get Lost With

Perhaps I can summarize the title as “Get Lost, Buddy!” Wouldn’t that be more accurate, when you know you will find your way back when you need to? Who doesn’t wanna be adventurous, eh? It is gutsy & fun, kinda like ‘Man Vs. Nature’.

We go hiking and trekking now instead of shopping malls and amusement parks, which makes a lot of sense. We are so tired of everything being so modern and fancy that sometimes we just want to hang out with Nature like our ancestors used to do. We are in a constant loop of seeking thrill in almost everything we do today, and nothing is more enthralling than a “get lost in a jungle” state of mind which we desperately need to connect with Nature and simply get away from all the white noise and chatter around us.

During one of these “expeditions” when you want to be a Marco Polo, you will need an instrument which has proved its use in the past and continued to maneuver even today! Perhaps you’ve guessed it! We at Android Crush are at this moment presenting the best of Compass Apps for Android in 2017 for smartphone with or without magnetic sensor to reinvigorate your ‘Wild’ adventurous moments.

Top Best Compass Apps For Android 2017

1. Compass 360 Pro

When you find yourself lost in the woods and need to ‘desperately’ rely on a guide to navigating you to a populated landmass, then Compass 360 Pro Free is the best one for you! It is ‘mathematically’accurate, so you know it is “THE BEST” because it uses a higher degree of correctional accuracy.

Campass 360 Pro

The app also allows you to lock/unlock your coordinates and displays magnetic field in the center. You can also select different skins if you like, and also has a built-in GPS support with LatitudeLongitude, and Altitude calibration.

Two things to keep in mind, though, The app uses a magnetometer for accuracy and the device must not be affected by magnetic fields, so you better keep it away from all electronic devices, if possible. It requires a few permissions for the best use.


Best for Offline use. No internet connection required unless you want to find your location using GPS.


Ads are a bit annoying.   DownloadQR-Code Compass 360 Pro Free Developer: Compass 360 Pro Team Price: Free   

2. Compass Pro

Simply the best app ever created for an avid adventure freak! Compass Pro embodies a rotating bezel and displays user all four directions of compass points. At the top of the screen is a small window that displays your current positioning degree to the dot! Although the app requires some learning and getting used to, but make no mistake, once you learn it inside out, the app will never cease to amaze you.

To get it to produce accurate results, you have to point the red rubber line at the path you desire and place your phone on your flat palm as you walk and ensure that the same number is displayed in the above noted ‘degree window.’ It will also be beneficial if you learn how to use the bezel so you can get busy on finding your way around some forest without depending on numbers.


Powerful & Accurate.


No-Add version costs around $2.50   DownloadQR-Code Compass PRO Developer: Mobile Essentials Price: Free   

3. Accurate Compass

Accurate Compass gives its user a realistic 3D view just like a standard physical compass and is quite easy to use regarding navigating. The best part about this app is that you do not need to hold your phone on a flat surface. The 3D compass view will work just as great even if you do not hold it parallel to the ground.

Accurate compass

Two things to keep in mind, though: The app uses a magnetometer for accuracy and the device must not be affected by magnetic fields, so you better keep it away from all electronic devices, if possible. It requires a few permissions for the best use.


The 3D view is simply the best!


Ad supported, requires the Internet connection.   DownloadQR-Code Genaue Compass Developer: Stonekick Price: Free   

4. Digital Compass

Digital compass

With a dark background and pure nature, makes Digital Compass highly liked and useful to a lot of users. The settings part is also very easy to figure out with only a couple options. The interface is quite easy to follow, and the app is Ad supported, but the pro version can take care of that.


Easy user interface.


Ads & No map support in the free version.   DownloadQR-Code Digital Compass Developer: Axiomatic Inc. Price: Free+

5. 3D Compass Plus

For those who often find themselves getting lost in the concrete jungles, 3D Compass Plus can be your helping mate. This app uses augmented reality view making it very entertaining.

3D Compass Plus

You can see a map as well as the path ahead since the app uses the camera for directions. You can also record, and use it for taking notes if you’re approaching a place for the first time. If you’re driving, then it will show you the map, address, speed and time on your phone screen. You are always allowed to take screenshots, by just clicking on the photo button appearing on the left side of the screen.

The coolest feature of the app is that you can add date & time stamps as you take a screenshot, makes it far more realistic and serves as a memory reminder too!


Augmented reality view and 3D interface are amazing and easy to use.


Not really recommended for adventure trips and consumed battery.   DownloadQR-Code 3D Compass Plus Developer: Sam Lu Price: Free+

6. AndroiTS Compass Free

A full-screen dial is what one looks for in a compass, especially a digital compass. I particularly like this one because it reminds me of a Swiss Army watch I once had, kinda gives you a ‘Maverick’ feeling. It shows position, location, and the camera icon lets you scan through the terrain as if it were digital binoculars used in a Spy-fiction movie.

Androits Compass Free

You could also change the colors, backgrounds, and format for coordinates, declination and even share your location compiled with Google maps or share only your coordinates with a status message! The dial moves as per the user’s movements and displays all directions, true heading and the magnetic heading. All considered, this is simply the best app and moves to the top 3 list of best compass apps.


User Interface and Camera makes it perfect for travelers and trekkers.


Ad supported but doesn’t block the view.   DownloadQR-Code AndroiTS Compass Free Developer: Alessandro Bonetti Price: Free   

7. Military GPS

If you’re looking for a compass that will set you in combative mode, then perhaps Military GPS is what you’re looking for.

It displays your current position regarding Latitude, Longitude, Accuracy and Altitude. Also, displays Heading in degrees. Then there’s an interesting feature called “Target position,” told ya it’s for combat purposes only! Here, you can set your waypoint, Lat, Long, Bearing, and Distance. You can also view this on Google Maps if you enable the GPS settings.

Military Compass Pro

This could be the best app you will ever use, but you must have a clear view of the sky for the app to perform accurately since it uses GPS signals from the Satellite. Get combat ready anywhere, anytime with Military GPS to guide your way!


Can be used anywhere on the planet!


Needs clear GPS signals from the Satellite.   DownloadQR-Code Military GPS Developer: Kenshiro Price: Free   

What do you think about these Compass Apps for Android?

Whether you want to go rock climbing, or bungee jumping or camping in thick woods of Amazon. If you have the right yet free compass apps for android by your side, there is not a chance in the world that you won’t make your way back to reality.

We understand your need to get away from the usual chaos but keep these compass apps handy and share your experience with us and others in the comments.

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